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Great Deals Guaranteed

Do you need to liquidize some of your assets or a collection? Do you have some valuable coins, gems, or precious metals that you’d like to sell? Then whatever the reason, look no further than Ancient and Modern Coins and Collectables. An expert from our team will carefully analyze each piece you bring in and will give you a fair offer for the collectibles you’re looking to selling.



Whilst are main interest is in coins.

We have a large network of colleagues in the Antique trade.

Collectables covers a wide range of interests, from advertising through to watches and wierd stuff,

Someone somewhere, will be collecting something and that is why we have an extensive network.

So if you have anything old which you thought was no interest to anyone, think again.

British Pound Coins

Ancient Coins

We are interested in buying a large range of ancient coins, from Celtic, Roman, Anglo-Saxon through all the Hammered series.


Modern Coins

We buy a varied stock of modern coins, British and worldwide from Gold Sovereigns to Copro Nickel, £2 and 50p pieces.

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